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About Us

Our Story

yoga on paddle board

Yoga Floats came about out of the desire to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and serenity of Oahu, Hawaii. An avid yogi and enthusiastic paddler, Kelsey, the founder of Yoga Floats, wanted to find a way to combine the deep sense of peace she found through yoga with the inspiring and uplifting feeling of being on the ocean. Kelsey wanted to find a way to make SUP yoga accessible to anyone and everyone in Hawaii.

Yoga Floats envisions a world where we are all inspired by the beauty of nature. A world where we feel true connection with mother earth, with each other, and with ourselves. We endeavor to help transform lives through reflection, acceptance, and letting go. We aim to rekindle the spark for life with a sense of curiosity, playfulness, and fun. And we strive to practice gratitude every day.

Our Team

Kelsey Moore Founder of Yoga Floats ~ MSc Environmental Education ~ SUP Yoga Instructor Trainer ~ E-RYT 200 ~ Red Cross Lifeguard

Kelsey is the founder of Yoga Floats. She originally found her way to Hawaii from Canada with the goal of living near the ocean and enjoying an active, outdoor lifestyle. Kelsey finds joy and inspiration through her yoga practice as well as spending time on the ocean, and she is grateful they are both a part of her everyday life. She also has a passion for teaching and sharing what she loves with others. Having spent eight years as a classroom teacher and completing a Masters Degree in Environmental Education, Kelsey sees the value of teaching and learning outdoors. She is overjoyed to transfer her skills from the classroom to the ocean. Kelsey’s classes are all about having fun, connecting with nature, and enjoying the amazing opportunity for a floating yoga practice in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Krysta Gallagher MS in Curriculum and Instruction ~ BS in Education ~ 200 hr YTT ~ Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED ~ SUP Yoga Certification

Krysta began practicing yoga as a way to deal with her consistent back pain and physical limitations. After discovering all of the benefits practicing yoga regularly, she knew she needed to share this practice with others. In June 2016, Krysta headed to Rishikesh, India, for her Yoga Teacher Training, and has been sharing her knowledge with students of all ages and levels, in various environments, ever since.

Takako Carter BA in Literature ~ RYT200~ CPR/AED ~ SUP Yoga Certification ~ Level 1 SUP Instructor ~ SUP Fitness Certification ~ Licensed Massage Therapist

Takako’s yoga journey started when she first took a hot yoga class is 2012 in Venture, California. She remembered it being so intense in a hot room, but she was almost immediately hooked! Since then, practicing yoga, in or out of a hot room, has been a big part of her life. Yoga has taught her to be patient, to listen to herself, and to be true to herself. In 2017, Takako found another ‘yoga mat’ through playing on a SUP board. She later took her first official SUP yoga class, and was hooked again! On a trip to Hawaii in 2018, Takako took a class with Yoga Floats and started dreaming of becoming a SUP yoga instructor in Hawaii. She has been teaching SUP yoga classes with Yoga Floats since March 2021. Takako aims to provide safe classes with lots of laughter and splashes! 

Karin Noguchi 200 hr YTT ~ SUP Yoga Certified ~ Level 1 SUP Instructor

Karin’s yoga practice started at a young age; with both of her parents being daily yoga practitioners, she naturally joined in whenever she could. Throughout her life, she continued to live a very active lifestyle which she has carried with her to this day. She’s taught lessons and guided tours through a variety of outdoor adventure sports; from kayaking and paddle boarding, to surfing and hiking. Having yoga as a daily practice has helped keep her grounded and balanced physically and emotionally. In addition, living an active lifestyle that also fosters a connection with the environment has been life-changing for her and she loves sharing the magic with everyone!

Emily Opack B.A. Biological Anthropology ~ RYT200 ~ CPR/AED Certified ~ SUP Yoga & Fitness Certified

Emily grew up between Los Angeles and Boston. She enjoyed surfing with her dad as a kid. Emily moved to Hawaii in 2014 to pursue a degree in biological anthropology. In 2018, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which pushed her to start consistently practicing yoga to help with joint pain and mobility. Soon after, she began working as an archeologist, where she returned to the academic side of understanding the human body. In 2021, she transitioned from archeology to pursue a 200hr yoga teacher training course and a nutritional therapy certification, something she had wanted to do for years. Emily plans to return to school for her M.S. in the fall of 2022. Yoga Floats has been an awesome place to start her journey.

Maryann Tekverk M.S. Geochemistry ~ RYT 200 ~ SUP Yoga Certified ~ Level 1 SUP Instructor ~ CPR/AED

Maryann is a long-time yogi and activist. With over six years teaching in the studio, she developed a fascination with bodies, alignment, and healing. After a decade campaigning for healthy oceans and a stable climate in San Francisco, she moved to Hawaii in 2021 to go back to school and study physical therapy. Working with Yoga Floats combines her love of the ocean with her love for the practice. Her classes are sweet, grounding and joyful. Through focus on alignment and breath, she helps students feel good in their bodies and find the confidence to take on new challenges. Inside and outside the studio, she works to connect the slow shift of the yoga practice with tangible anti-oppression work to achieve a just world.

Kristie Chapin 200 hr YYT ~ Reiki level 3

Kristie believes yoga is a fun and healing practice. Kristie’s favorite place to practice is on water. The first time she tried SUP yoga, she fell it love with it. She felt that there is nothing more grounding than working through a yoga sequence within the earth element of water. She began practicing yoga as a means to move stagnant energy through the body. She uses yoga as a way to connect the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Kristie hopes to help others ignite a deeper connection within themselves.

Kurt Rowley E-RYT 200

Kurt originally began practicing yoga to alleviate lower back pain. He completed his 200 hour training with an emphasis on health and wellness in June 2017. He has experience teaching a variety of styles of yoga, from heated vinyasa to restorative, with his most recent trainings in Yin style. He has also been trained to do hands-on assisting. Kurt appreciates the mind-body connection available through focusing on and unifying the breath to intention. This creates space in the body and mind to observe what serves to improve ourselves and also identify and release the things that no longer serve us. Kurt appreciates the opportunity SUP yoga provides to observe the sensation of being grounded in fluid as opposed to being grounded in earth. The difference is subtle but profound upon observation. 🙏

Our Values


“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” ~ Wyland


“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” ~ Bob Marley


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” ~ Meister Eckhart


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi

Letting Go

“Be brave, take risks, and allow the unexpected.”