Monday – Thursday:
9:00-10:15 am (Gentle Wave)
5:00 -6:15 pm (Sunset SUP)
Monday, Fridays and Saturdays:
9:00-10:15 am (Gentle Wave)
11:00 – 12:15 pm (Flow and Go)



 Please check in 10-15 minutes before class begins. You may not join the class if you are more than 5 minutes late.

Class Descriptions


Yoga Floats provides classes for all ability levels

Gentle Wave (All levels) This class is perfect for anyone who has never stepped on a paddleboard or taken a yoga class, as well as anyone with yoga and/or SUP experience.  Class will begin on the beach, teaching safety and basic SUP yoga principles. When we get onto the water, we will incorporate a mindful flow in modified sun salutations and work on various standing poses while learning how to adjust our yoga practice to the water. These classes will be light-hearted and fun, encouraging students to try new things, and maybe even falling in! The class will end with traditional savasana, a relaxing meditation with the soft rocking of the oceans waves, fingers and toes trailing into the water, and the mind free to relax and let go.

Sunset SUP (All levels) Take in the Hawaiian sunset as you end your day with a SUP yoga class. This all-levels class will offer variations and modifications so each person can work at their own ability level. We will practice a slow flow of modified sun salutations, practice some standing balances, and wind down with some gentle stretches. We finish with a blissful floating savasana as the sun sets on the horizon. There will be free time at the end of class for anyone who feels like trying out some arm balances, inversions, or any other poses you would like to try on the water! 

Flow and Go (Level 1) Flow and Go classes include a 30 minute paddle session, followed by a 30 minute yoga session. These classes are tailored to people who are brand new to paddling and SUP yoga (although experienced paddlers are still welcome!). In the paddling portion of class, we will learn the basic forward stroke, stopping and turning strokes, along with paddleboard safety. Sometimes we get lucky and see some turtles! When we begin our SUP yoga practice, we will drop anchor and practice some modified sun salutations and work our core strength with some balancing poses. We will wrap up class with a well-deserved savasana (meditation), enjoying the gentle ocean waves beneath us. 

*please note the paddle portion of class may be cancelled due to high winds. If that happens, we will practice a full 75 minutes of SUP yoga instead.